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Sumbersible Sewage Pumps

Our Various Models Of Sewage Pumps Are: Model RPS 1.5 / RPS 1.5 S/ RPS 02 / RPS 03 / RPS 05 / RPS 7.5/ RPS 10 / RPS 15 / RPS 20 / RPS 25
Submersible Sewage Pumps
Submersible Sewage Pumps can handle large quantities of solids thereby achieve dewatering as well as desilting.
The pumps are equipped with squirrel cages induction motor of continuous rating having ‘F’ class insulation with bi-metallic switches embedded in stator winding to protect against overheating.
Level Control Switches are supplied with the pump for automatic control of liquid level.

Design Benefits And Material Of Construction Features:
It prevent frequent clogging of the sewer system due to sedimentation of mud, sludge, rage, plastics, cotton wastes etc.
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Three Phase 415Volts 230 AC Supply
PVC insulated double sheathed Water Proof and Oil Proof (also available in TPR Cable)

Pump Body:- Extruded Aluminum alloy
Strainer available in C.I
Top / Bottom Bracket available in C.I

ROTOR: Rotor shaft SS431 for better magnetic result

IMPELLER: SS410 (Hardened) in abrasive application

MECHANICAL SEAL: Tungsten carbide v/s Tungsten carbide mechanical seal

415 volts / 230volts 50Hz ,1 phase supply KW 1.1/1.5Hp Amps 2.5/6.5
Rated speed 2750 RPM (approx)
Class of insulation “F” with bi-metallic switches embedded in stator winding

Pumping of raw unscreened Sewage, Storm Water, Hostel, Lift irrigation, Paper Mills, ETP, Drainage System etc, waste water treatement, power stations.

Range & Specifications
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Head and Discharge
Pump range Head in Mtrs Discharge in LPM
RPS 1.5 0-15 350-100
RPS 02 4-10 500-250
RPS 03 8-16 850-400
RPS 05 6-12 2200-900
RPS 7.5 7-14 2350-1050
RPS 10 9-18 2500-1500
RPS 15 10-17 3000-1400
Materials of construction
Part name Material
Pump Body Extruded Aluminium alloy for 1.5 hp to 3 hp and C.I. for 5 hp to 25 hp
Top Bracket C.I
Lower bracket C.I
Rotor Aluminium die cast (LM4)
Rotor shaft SS 431
Mechanical seal Tungsten carbide vs tungsten carbide
Impeller SS 410
Cable PVC double sheath insulated copper conducted cable, water proof and oil
proof also available in TPR.
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